Pioneer Off-road Electric Scooter

Robust Motor: 800W peak power brushless DC motor with high efficiency, diverse controllability, and durability. Once you slightly press the finger dial throttle, the power rating of 500W can spurt out, and you’d never felt it before.
Swappable Fully Sealed Battery: The non-slippery rubber deck and batteries are integrated with a high-end design. An enormous detachable 48V/10AH battery enables an indefinite range and packs enough range to get you to and from your destination.
Safe & Comfortable: This electric scooter adults feature a double fork shock absorption system and provide excellent responsiveness and stability. Front & Rear drum brake E-ABS anti-lock system, faster, more stable, and efficient braking assures you of optimum safety.
10″ Large Honeycomb Tires: No need for inflation. You never get a flat tire when you ride this adult scooter. The wheel structure is very strong, resistant to deformation, and easy to maintain. You get to go fast, tackle all types of terrain, and cruise in style with 10” big wheels.

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Innovation exists purely to serve your comfort, safety and convenience via multiple senses.

The MK089 pioneer electric scooter performance handlebar and dual handbrake put a world of control in your hands.

  • Attentive, responsive, imaginative.
  • It’s like no electric scooter you’ve seen or felt. Personally attentive, seamlessly responsive, and uniquely imaginative, it’ll whisk you into a new tomorrow.
  • The LED display is bright and colorful, it is large enough for you to see all the information you need to see properly.
  • It is very convenient to use and the foldable design helps you store it anywhere you like.

1.5W big headlight, ride safer at night

  • Classically shaped lamps feature brilliant advances. Intelligent LED headlamps adapt to darkness, curves and Barriers ahead.
  • The LED headlamp of this electric scooter makes the way prominent and lets you know what’s in front.

Stylish design & More safe riding experience

  • A clean, modern design defines this electric scooter pioneer
  • Pioneer is designed to be comfortable at any speed
  • When the electric scooter only has front wheel brakes, the scooter is prone to front planting causing danger. MK089 has double handbrakes, after the rear brake first decelerates, the front brake then brakes to stop can effectively avoid forward planting

New performance tires deliver better handling and ride quality with lower rolling resistance


Size (fold): 47.6*20.9*23.6 inch

Size (unfold): 47.6*20.9*49.4 inch

Net Weight: 52 lbs

Maximum load: 300 lbs

Max climbing limit: 20°

Rated power: 500W

Peak power: 800W

Mode switch: Speed limit mode, standard mode and sport mode

Button Description

Long press: Turn on / off

Short press one time: Speed gear switch

Press twice in quice succession: Turn on / off the headlights and taillights

Press three times in quick succession: Switch between total mileage and single mileage

Press four times in quick succession: Speed unit switch


Why doesn’t electric scooter start when I press the throttle?

The electric scooter has two startup modes: Zero-speed mode and kick mode, switch as you like. In addition, confirm electric scooter has been unlocked via APP before startup.




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