MZ-10 Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike


Best-in-class Mobility, the Mankeel MZ-10 Folding Electric Bike shows extraordinary strength in both driving force and battery life. The strength all comes down to the cooperation of a 500W electric motor exclusive to the Intelligent Power Assist System (I-PAS) and one integrated 48Volt,10h battery with Samsung cells.

The motor provides 65Nm of torque to conquer rugged terrain I-PAS system recharges battery downhill and gliding Uses 50% less power than industry standard motors 83% more efficient than any other E-Bike Travel over 45km with I-PAS

A specially designed Hardtail frame is great for a smooth course with lots of climbing. With less weight and complexity, the MZ-10 is easier to maneuver, and thus more friendly to beginners.

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