MX-5 Dual Motor Off-road Electric Scooter


The dual motor model has a total rated power of 2400W, the max speed reaches 40 miles per hour.

Two pairs of bright headlights in front and side lights on the back of the deck to help ride safely at night.

The electric scooter has a double telescopic steering rack, which not only adjusts to the height of the rider but also makes the control of the scooter more accurate and smooth.

Comes with vaccum tubeless tires and front suspension + rear suspension, which allows you to handle any rough road while riding.

Front and rear shock absorbers soften the ride, and 11-inch wide wheels with deep treads create excellent grip. The high clearance allows you to overcome various obstacles on the way.

A special anti-slip coating is applied to the wide deck, which allows the rider to stand stronger while moving.

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