MK083 Pro Electric Scooter

Scooter with a powerful 36V 350kW battery, this scooter has a 25miles max range with a top speed of 20mph. The e-scooter can be folded in 3 quick steps and is super easy to carry with you on your commute. It is Ideal for short-distance transportation. With an LCD display that shows driving speed, mileage, the remaining capacity of the battery. The sturdy frame is made of industrial aluminum alloy. It is a unique scooter with app control to lock the scooter, monitor speed, battery, mileage display, cruise control, and automatic timed shutdown. The electric scooter adopts the latest electronic brake technology, which ensures the safety of the brakes even at high speeds and effectively prevents traffic accidents. A foldable electric scooter, with a weight of 12.4kg, it can be transported anywhere (your car, subway, bus …). A few seconds is enough to realize the folding. Without any difficulty climbing the stairs. Deep gear anti-skid design, strong grip, safe and wearable, adapt to various road conditions.


The Mankeel MK083 Pro electric scooter can travel for more than 25km without having to be recharged. It has a more powerful motor and an upgraded battery. The minimalist design of the Mankeel MK083 PRO eScooter comes from the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy design. The scooter weighs 15.8kgs which makes it easy to be carried along.

Folding the scooter takes only a few seconds and the scooter will comfortably fit in the boot of any car. The scooter has three-speed modes which let you reach the different max speeds-25km/h in sport and 15km/h in ECO.

You can use your smartphone to check your ride statistics by connecting your Mankeel MK083 PRO eScooter using the YouFS application.
The remaining battery power, current speed, and ride mode are all indicated on the LED display dashboard. This makes riding the scooter easy as you can monitor your progress and the state of the scooter.






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