Mankeel Cruiser Step-Through Fat Tire Eletctric Bike


This is an electric step-through bike that is ideal for riders with limited mobility to get on and off the bike more easily. The Cruiser is the latest model of electric bike in our current catalog of electric bikes. It is an electric step-through bike that is ideal for riders with limited mobility to get on and off the bike more easily. This model has a taller frame and bigger, fat tires that are aimed at taller and heavier riders while allowing for more terrain types.

Step-thru e-bikes are becoming increasingly popular among our Baby Boomer and Gen X customers due to their comfort, convenience, and ease of use. Previously regarded as a frame style for female riders only, low-step, step-through, and easy-boarding designs are now being appreciated by male riders as well.

The absence of a top tube is the key characteristic of step-through e-bikes. By eliminating the top tube, the rider can easily mount and dismount the bike without having to lift a leg over the top. Moreover, these bikes are also affordable. Browse our collection of step-thru electric bikes below and find your perfect ride!

Strength & Stability

Front suspension, fat tires for greater grip and cushioning, adjustable handlebars and seatpost, and of course its step-through frame for easy access. Although it is a step-through, this model is designed for heavy-duty and rough terrain.

For Taller Riders

The Cruiser’s step-through design allows those with limited mobility to get on the bike with less effort, the difference being that this is a bigger, stronger e-bike designed for taller and heavier riders.

The seat stem height is adjustable to better fit different heights, and the handlebar position is adjustable for a better riding experience.

For More Couples

The combination of the step-through frame design for easy access and its larger size for strength provides a new option for more couples to ride together.

The Cruiser can perfectly match any other taller model in the Mankeel series, bringing more couples together.

Made of Quality Components

26" x 4.0" Fat Tires

Mountain-style fat tires provide better grip, even in sand or snow, as well as giving it a look that turns heads.

Shimano 7-Gears

With 7 gears and 5 pedal assist levels to choose from, you can always find a comfortable pedaling cadence to match your speed.

Front Fork Suspension

The Cruiser features a front fork suspension with 80mm of travel preload adjustment. Appearance and comfort in one.

Bright LED Horn Lamp

A bright 250 lumen LED front lamp helps you to see your way clearly even in bad weather and also to be heard, increasing safety.

Star-Union Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Stop quickly with large 180mm dual hydraulic disc brakes. We’ve added motor cutoff capabilities for added safety.

Twist Throttle

The twist throttle allows you to accelerate the bike in a more convenient and safer way.

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