Here at Mankeel – we consider ourselves the best electric scooter wholesale provider. Not only are our electric scooters the best, but the support we provide for our distributors and resellers is second to none. Our wholesale electric scooter prices are extremely competitive, allowing our distributors the highest possible profit margins. If you are looking for an electric scooter wholesaler, give us a call or send us an email.

The largest supplier of electric scooters in EU and North America:
When we started building electric scooters in China, our business model was never focused on achieving sales goals. We just knew we had the expertise and technology to bring higher quality scooters to market at a better price than what consumers were getting at the time, and we did. We knew the cardinal rule of business, “Consumers know a quality product when they see it,” and they did. Over time, we outperformed our competitors and became the largest supplier of electric scooters in the EU and North America.

Quality you can trust:
When we say we take responsibility for our products, we mean it. All of our scooters undergo rigorous quality control at our warehouse to test their durability before they reach consumers. We value the trust that our distributors and resellers place in us. That’s why our scooters have a defect rate of less than 1%, which is unmatched in the market.

More than 10 years of experience in electric scooter wholesale:
The electric scooter industry is at its peak now, but we predicted this 10 years ago when we founded the company. Initially, our wholesale capabilities were limited to China, but as the company continued to grow, we are proud to be supplying electric scooters to some of the largest retail chains in North America and the EU.

We know our electric scooters are the best in the US and EU. But don’t just take our word for it, hear it from others who have been ordering wholesale electric scooters from us for years. If you don’t have references, we’ll be happy to provide you with some!

The best wholesale electric scooter supplier in North America and the EU:
All of our wholesale and retail electric scooters are located in the EU and North America. So if you are still not convinced, we recommend our distributors/resellers visit our warehouse in LA to see one of our electric scooters for yourself.


Discover the intense combination of electric innovation and expert engineering. Mankeel Silver-Wings 500W brushless motor provides 3 gears of riding speed and up to 19 Mph, making it easy to conquer 20° slopes even if you weigh 270 lbs. Intelligent dynamic, real-time data detection, Various applications such as smart APP electric scooter anti-theft settings are fully functional and easy to manage. The high-precision craft maximizes the sense of fashion and technology. Real-time display, speed, power, and mileage… are all at a glance. Various functions can be operated by one button or by APP, simple and easy to operate.

The Mankeel  Steed folding electric Scooter was specially designed for city traffic. During product development, the focus was on comfort and efficiency.

Regardless of whether you want to get to the train station quickly or have to cover the last kilometer to the office, the Mankeel Steed is the mobility guarantee in everyday life.

The Steed can be transported in the trunk to save space and can be taken anywhere; With a total weight of 16 kg, it can easily be carried with one hand. Whether by bus, train, or simply to the office, Steed Mobility takes up little space and conserves resources.

Robust Motor: 800W peak power brushless DC motor with high efficiency, diverse controllability, and durability. Once you slightly press the finger dial throttle, the power rating of 500W can spurt out, and you’d never felt it before.
Swappable Fully Sealed Battery: The non-slippery rubber deck and batteries are integrated with a high-end design. An enormous detachable 48V/10AH battery enables an indefinite range and packs enough range to get you to and from your destination.
Safe & Comfortable: This electric scooter adults feature a double fork shock absorption system and provide excellent responsiveness and stability. Front & Rear drum brake E-ABS anti-lock system, faster, more stable, and efficient braking assures you of optimum safety.
10″ Large Honeycomb Tires: No need for inflation. You never get a flat tire when you ride this adult scooter. The wheel structure is very strong, resistant to deformation, and easy to maintain. You get to go fast, tackle all types of terrain, and cruise in style with 10” big wheels.

Mankeel 083 pro Scooter with a powerful 36V 350kW battery, this scooter has a 30km max range with a top speed of 25km/h. The e-scooter can be folded in 3 quick steps and is super easy to carry with you on your commute. It is Ideal for short-distance transportation. With an LCD display that shows driving speed, mileage, the remaining capacity of the battery. The sturdy frame is made of industrial aluminum alloy. It is a unique scooter with app control to lock the scooter, monitor speed, battery, mileage display, cruise control, and automatic timed shutdown. The electric scooter adopts the latest electronic brake technology, which ensures the safety of the brakes even at high speeds and effectively prevents traffic accidents. A foldable electric scooter, with a weight of 12.4kg, it can be transported anywhere (your car, subway, bus …). A few seconds is enough to realize the folding. Without any difficulty climbing the stairs. Deep gear anti-skid design, strong grip, safe and wearable, adapt to various road conditions.